Introducing a new “music bingo on your phone” app!

Jackpot Music Game is a new music game designed for bars, pubs, taprooms, and restaurants to run on their own. Players will come in to play the game and will be encouraged to stay and hang out. It’s currently in free public beta, so give it a try!

About Jackpot Music Game

You choose the music category, prizes, and the frequency you want to run games.

Your patrons simply enter their name in the app on their phone and play!

This game is proven to extend the length of stay by patrons (each game lasts about an hour) which results in increased sales and stronger connections to your establishment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Jackpot Music Game?

Think bingo on your phone, but more fun because there is music instead of numbers! Players get a list of songs that will play in random order over the speakers, and the first person to finish their list by checking off all of their songs wins a prize set by the venue.

How does it work?

Each venue has their own unique login to our platform where they schedule games. Once the game starts, the music will play through whatever devices the venue has connected to their iPad or tablet. We recommend connecting the device your in-house sound system so everyone can hear. You can also use portable Bluetooth speakers.
Each player simply enters their name to join the game, then they get a list of song titles. As the music plays they have to guess what song is playing and check it off on their device. The first person to finish their list of songs wins a prize!

What is the Jackpot?

We wanted to add an incentive for players to stick around in your venue, so we added a special Jackpot in round three. During round three if a player finishes their list in the required number of songs, they will win the Jackpot, which is paid by Progressive Entertainment LLC, the owner of Jackpot Music Game.

Is Jackpot Music Game considered gambling?

No! Jackpot Music Game is always free to play for the patrons of your establishment, and thus it is not gambling. Players win prizes that are set by the venue, usually $5 or $10 gift cards valid on a future visit.

How long does a game last?

Games have three rounds and are designed to last 50-55 minutes. Jackpot Music Game is designed for establishments to run one Game per hour throughout the afternoon or evening.

How much does a game cost?

Jackpot Music Game is currently free for venues to run! There is never a charge for players to join the game.

Do I need music licenses to run Jackpot Music Game?

No. We have blanket licenses for ASCAP (#400012056) and BMI (#81207512) for playback in the US. There are no SESAC songs in Jackpot Music Game.